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Depression & Anxiety
Recovery from Trauma
Couples Therapy
Parenting and Family Dysfunction
Adolescents: Mood, Behavior, and Trauma

Restoring your Wellness

If you are struggling with life’s problems that cause you stress and anxiety, I can help. I completed a Master of Education degree in Professional Counseling from University of North Texas in 2009. I have been practicing as a Licensed Counselor in Houston since 2010. I have worked with clients in their recovery from trauma, mood disorders and stress-related symptoms. I help resolve relationship issues and work with clients collaboratively toward their life goals. I will help you reconnect with yourself, your loved ones and your life. Your strengths such as interests, values and skills are your biggest asset. I will help you optimize your growth and move toward your goals in a meaningful way.

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Clients have sought counseling for a variety of reasons. I work collaboratively with my clients...

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